Zen Yoga


When you think of yoga

you probably think of this.


Zen Yoga

is a bit different.


There are few poses in Zen Yoga. Instead, our focus is stillness to relax the mind, and natural movement to energize the body. 


It may be difficult to believe that fitness can be improved without sweaty, grueling, heart-pounding exercise.  The difference is time. Zen Yoga is not a short and easy path to follow.  Like the movements we practice, progress is gradual but continuous.  


Zen Yoga classes are just 30 minutes long. De-hump your Hump Day on your way home Wednesday after work, or energize your Saturday morning with a bit of Zen before Starbucks, without committing a big chunk of your day to an intense workout. 

Yoga for Health. Yoga for you.


If your fitness goals don't include rock-hard abs or buns of steel...

If you're tired and would just like to feel better...

If you've been at it for years, or the years have been at you...

If you're not sure where to begin...

... Zen yoga is a great place to start

teach Yoga?