For Women-Only


A safe place to learn, free from distractions. 

Self Defense


Practice the skills you need to protect yourself.



Because your safety is important.


What Works

To be effective, self defense must be: 

  1. Simple
  2. Automatic
  3. Committed

What Doesn't

Effective self defense can't be learned in an afternoon, or even a weekend.  Regular training is the only way to program the automatic reflexes necessary to Break and Escape. 

What Happens

Many women become uncomfortable in the competitive violence of some self defense programs. They avoid training and their skills fade over time. 

What's Different

WOSP provides a safe, cooperative environment for you to train, free from the usual distractions.  


WOSP is taught by 4th degree karate sensei Jeff Crook. His techniques come from the short-range self defense tradition of Okinawan karate, and from the weapon skills of Okinawan kobudo. 

Periodically, guest instructors will join us to share techniques from other martial arts, broadening your range of experience.  


"Those who have tempered themselves do not fear tigers." 

- Laozi

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