Kids Karate


Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a karate-based exercise program for kids ages 4-7. Classes offers incremental challenges and more frequent rewards to help build confidence. Our goal is to help prepare your child to succeed in karate and in life.


Beginner Karate

Beginniner Karate (ages 7+) teaches the original karate program designed over a hundred years ago for Okinawan elementary and middle school students: punching, blocking, kicking, self-defense, strength, and flexibility - while establishing a strong foundation of respect, discipline, and self-confidence.   


Intermediate and Advanced Karate

As we continue our study of karate, new opportunities for learning provide us with ever greater challenges.


Karate is a lifelong journey of discovery

Nothing beats the feeling of tying on a black belt for the first time!

Research indicates that boys who train in karate are less aggressive and more likely to help someone who is being bullied. Other studies have shown that martial arts improves brain cognition as well as mental and physical health. 

Karate instills lifelong habits of respect and self-discipline that translate into better grades and improved well-being. Our purpose-driven lifestyle, positive encouragement, and strong self defense training gives kids the drive to succeed and the tools to meet any challenge. 

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