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What can Karate Do for Me?


Karate is a lifelong journey of Discovery

Karate was born in Okinawa of the common people's need to protect themselves. 

We train as the masters trained - growing together in the spirit of cooperation, living the principles of  Respect, Humility, Patience, Perseverance, and Self-Control.

Traditional Okinawan Karate is appropriate for people of any age. You don't need to be young to start. You don't have to quit when you're old. 

The journey begins at white belt, but it doesn't end at black. Some say it begins anew.  But no matter where it begins, it begins with the first step.

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"Karate ni sente nashi."

(There is no first strike in Karate.)

 - Gichin Funakoshi Sensei

Discover Karate

The Journey Begins

Strap on a white belt and we'll get started.

Beginner Karate teaches basics  - moving, punching, blocking, kicking, basic self-defense, strength and flexibility - while establishing a strong foundation of respect and discipline.  


Intermediate and Advanced


Traditional Kobudo

Add Kobudo (weapons) to your Traditional Karate. We train with staff, sai, other Okinawan weapons.


Competitive Kata and Kumite

Begin studying advanced Kata and Kumite (sparring)  in preparation for competition in local, regional, and maybe even national tournaments! 


 Of course, if you want to do both, that's even more awesome!


Best Deal in Karate

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One student for three months, three students for one month, or any combination you like. That's almost a $390 value. Other discounts do not apply.   

Do you have rank in another style of Karate or Taekwondo?

Maybe you're thinking about starting back. If so, you may not have to begin at white belt. 

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