Karate is a lifelong journey of discovery

Nothing beats the feeling of tying on a black belt for the first time!

Research shows that boys who train in karate are less aggressive and more likely to help someone who is being bullied. Other studies have shown that martial arts improves brain cognition as well as mental and physical health. 

Karate instills lifelong habits of respect and self-discipline that translate into better grades and improved well-being. Our purpose-driven lifestyle, positive encouragement, and strong self defense training gives kids the drive to succeed and the tools to meet any challenge. 

First Week Free!

At Karate+Fit, there are no hidden fees. You can even try it for a week for free!

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Kids Karate


Beginner Karate

Beginner Karate teaches punching, blocking, kicking, self-defense, strength, and flexibility - while establishing a strong foundation of respect, discipline, and self-confidence.   


Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is beginner karate for kids ages 5-7. Classes offer incremental challenges and more frequent rewards to help build confidence. Our goal is to help prepare your child to succeed in karate and in life.


Intermediate and Advanced Karate

As we continue our study, new opportunities provide us with ever greater challenges, such as weapons training and sparring.


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with the First Step.

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First month of Karate for just $49, get a free uniform, and no long-term commitment.

No Deposit

No initial investment in equipment or supplies - even your first uniform is free when you enroll. 

No Contract

No long term commitment required.  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ reviews

Builds Confidence

Individual Attention

Builds Confidence

 My son has really enjoyed taking karate classes. Karate has helped him to become less shy and more confident. He really enjoys the fun, friendly atmosphere here.  - Terri F.

Fun and Friendly

Individual Attention

Builds Confidence

 Friendly and fun! My son is a little too young for classes but we'll be back! I couldn't be more excited to sign him up here. It's very clean and reasonably priced too.  - Lauren S.

Individual Attention

Individual Attention

Individual Attention

 Mr. Crook is a very patient and kind instructor. He works to give each child the attention they need. My son loves him and looks forward to class each week. Very clean and welcoming environment. Would highly recommend this dojo.  - Tiffany H.

Individual Attention

I started learning karate and kobudo from Sensei Crook in September 2017. Since then, my confidence has grown and it gets me off the couch and moving. To top it all off, it's great fun! - Beth H.

My brother Vaughn loves this place! The instructor works so well with kids. 

- Vondrae L.

Sensei Jeff is great with the kids. The teacher to student ration is low. This is a great place to build confidence and strength while training your kids in self defense techniques. - Charrody H.

Got rank in Karate or Taekwondo?

Maybe you're thinking about starting back. 

If so, you may not have to begin at white belt. 

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Most adults believe they are too old to begin karate...

What makes Karate+Fit Different?

Adults Only

Self Defense

Adults Only


Adult karate is for adults. That doesn't mean you can't train with your kids - we strongly encourage taking classes with your family. But some classes are set aside just for you.


Self Defense

Adults Only


Traditional karate strength and flexibility training has been developed and refined over centuries of practice.  Add kickboxing, sumo, yoga, Tai Chi, and weapons, and every class is a fun new challenge.

Self Defense

Self Defense

Self Defense


Unlike a fitness class, karate does more than get you in shape and help you lose weight.  Regular practice  builds the automatic reflex necessary to defend yourself.

No Uniforms

No Uniforms

Self Defense


You don't have to wear a uniform, 

unless you want to wear a uniform.

No Ranks

No Uniforms

No Sparring


You don't have to rank test, unless you want to work toward a black belt. 

No Sparring

No Uniforms

No Sparring


You're not going to get hit in the face. Or anywhere else! Sparring is not required.

Karate is not a sport, and it's more than just a fitness regime. 

It's an ancient method of self defense and self-improvement

- the original mindfulness program.  

Top Ten Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Our adult karate class is the way karate used to be - traditional Okinawan karate taught in the traditional way. 

Best of all, there are two ways to get your adult karate classes FREE:

Senior beginner karate student

You're never too old to start karate!

Option 1

Every year you resolve to get in shape...

Every year you resolve to get in shape...

Every year you resolve to get in shape...


...but you've never been able to stick to it more than a few months.

We can help!

Every year you resolve to get in shape...

Every year you resolve to get in shape...

  1. Enroll in Adult Karate. 
  2. Set your attendance goal  (minimum four classes per month).
  3. For the first six months, your classes are free as long as you meet your attendance goal.
  4. You only pay if you don't meet your goal. 
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Traditional Shubukan Shorin-Ryu