Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a martial arts exercise program for kids ages 4-7. Unlike a typical karate class, where advancement is designed around learning ever-more difficult skill sets, Dragon Warriors offers incremental task-specific challenges and more frequent rewards to help build confidence, while providing tiered skill sets to challenge more advanced students. Many of these fun and engaging exercises include physical and verbal interaction with a partner to help develop social skills.

Dragon Warriors practice skills to challenge and develop the mind, body, and spirit:

  • punching/kicking games to build core, shoulder, and hip strength for joint stability and greater endurance
  • stretching to improve leg and hip flexibility
  • balance, turning, and jumping challenges, and anticipation/reaction games to develop hand-eye-body coordination and motor planning skills
  • short kata (memorization) to improve focus and attention

Our goal is to help prepare your child to succeed in karate and in life.

The Eight Animals

Our  kata are inspired by the movements and spirit of the Eight Animals - tiger, crane, monkey, snake, leopard, eagle, bear, and mantis.  There are sixteen belts to keep Dragon Warriors inspired, working hard, and playing hard.