shattering the myth

Adult Karate

Most adults believe they are too old to start karate...

What makes Karate+Fit Different?

Adult Karate


It's for adults only. No one under 16. That doesn't mean you can't train with the kids, too. Just that some classes are set aside just for you.



 Traditional karate strength and flexibility training.  Add kickboxing, sumo, yoga, Tai Chi, and weapons, and every class is a fun new challenge.

Self Defense


Unlike a fitness class at the gym, karate does more than get you in shape and help you lose weight.  Regular practice of these skills builds the automatic reflex necessary to defend yourself.

No Uniforms


You don't have to wear a uniform, 

unless you want to wear a uniform.

No Ranks


You don't have to rank test, unless you want to work toward a black belt. 

No Sparring


You're not going to get hit in the face. Or anywhere else! Sparring is not required.

Karate is not a sport, and it's more than just a fitness regime. 

It's an ancient method of self defense and self-improvement

- the original mindfulness program.  

Top Ten Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Our adult karate class is the way karate used to be. 

Best of all, there are two ways to get your adult karate classes free:


Free Option 1

Every year you resolve to get in shape


but you've never been able to stick to it more than a few months.

We can help!

  1. Enroll for one year of Adult Karate. 
  2. You set your attendance goal  (minimum four per month).
  3. Your classes are free as long as you meet your attendance goal.
  4. If you don't meet your goal, you pay for that month. 
  5. Click below to get started!

Do you have rank in another style of Karate or Taekwondo?

Maybe you're thinking about starting back. 

If so, you may not have to begin at white belt. 

 Click below to schedule a free rank evaluation conference to explore your options.